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10  11 Reasons to Have a Screen Room

1)   Enjoy Outdoors Without Disease Carrying Mosquitoes & Other Pests

2)   Reduces Wind For Outdoor Dining & Winter Comfort

3)   Keeps Pets In Confined Area (Our Screens ARE Pet-Proof)

4)   Adds $ Value & Curb Appeal When You Sell Your Home

5)   More Privacy Outdoors - Even Sleeping!

6)   Keeps Sun OFF the Back of Your Home - REDUCE ENERGY COSTS

7)   Compared to Most Remodeling Projects - Screen Rooms are Very Affordable!

8)   Protects Your Outdoor Furniture (and Hammock!)

9)   Confined Outdoor Area For Children

10) Great For Outdoor Cooking - PROPANE Grills Can Be Safely Used In Screen Rooms

11) Keeps Dangerous Golf Balls Away From Your Family For Those Living On Golf Courses.


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